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GTR (Global Tire Recycling) manufactures crumb rubber from whole waste tires, and is located in Wildwood Florida, which is convenient to all trucking, rail and shipping ports of both the east and west coasts. Our recently constructed 48,000 square foot building houses the newest, state-of-the-art, fully automated whole tire processing and crumb rubber production system in the country.

GTR processes over 2 million tires annually, which produces over 16,000 tons of fine grind mesh crumb rubber. Sizes range from 3/16" granular to 40 mesh, completely wire, fiber, moisture and contaminant free. We will also custom grind to your product specifications and welcome the opportunity to quote a custom grind production program for your company. Your products can be shipped in 25 ton high capacity bulk trucks, 2,100 pound super sacks, 50 pound bags or your own private label container. We have spared no expense to make whole passenger and truck tire recycling easy by installing automatic trailer tippers, live floor hoppers, tire pickers, and conveyors for both large and small volume tire collectors to quickly offload their tires.

GTR is proud of its commitment to the tire recycling industry and, with our "Can do" attitude towards the customer, will continue to be the leader in quality, service and innovation for the crumb rubber markets.

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